Clean water saves and changes lives

Support our water projects in rural Cambodia to help kids have a healthier and safer life.

Safe drinking water is a is a fundamental human right

Fresh, accessible drinking water is not available for 60% of rural communities in Cambodia. The lack of clean water forces children to trek long distances each day looking for water and miss precious time from school. Even when they find a water source, pollution is common. Waterborne disease is the second largest cause of mortality for children under five. This is an unacceptable risk that can be almost eradicated with modern technology.

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A water solution that helps everyone

When we began our school building project in Svaychey village, it became clear that the desperate need to find clean water was a barrier to children going to school. So, fundraising began for a long lasting, community wide solution. To date, our Project Clean Water has made it possible for us to build and install 6 major filtration systems across 5 village communities.

A young boy holding a bottle of water as part of the Water Project in Cambodia supported by Step 2 Foundation.

 How the project is making an impact 

These innovative, yet simple,

water tanks and systems: 


produce over 40,000 litres of fresh drinking water a day


provide drinking water to over twelve thousand people


are managed and maintained by trained experts in the villages 

Across the community,

this means: 


more healthy kids and adults  


hundreds more children now attend school  


less water-related illnesses  


increased employment and a healthier local economy    

Food Program

Feeding for a better health

We work with school communities and partner with the World Food program to provide a nutritious breakfast to give the kids a a good start for the day.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Every drop creates a ripple effect

To protect more villages and ensure more children have the opportunity to attend school, we need your support 


(Your donation goes 100% to the water project) 

student 01 story

Meet Chum MingChu

My name is Chum MingChu, I’m 17 years old, I live in Svay Chey village, Trapeang Thom commune, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap province. I’m in grade 12 of Hun Sen Prasat Bakong High School .I have been studying English with step2foundation program since 2014.

When I graduated high school, I will continue to University and I think to choose to study Informatoin technology because I want to be a software engineer.