Every child has the right to live and learn

Getting an education is not just a basic human right, it‘s the key to breaking the poverty cycle. But in Cambodia, many families live on less than $2 a day and can’t afford to have kids not working.

As a result, almost 60% of children don’t finish primary school, let alone high school. Low English language and literacy skills condemn many to the impoverished life they were born into.  

We built a school for those who need it most

Since 2012, Step2 Foundation has worked with rural communities to ensure children who will gain most from quality learning, have that opportunity.   

In the beginning, we repaired run-down school buildings in Svaychey village and educated our first local teacher. Since than we have built a flourishing school and community projects with the help of our generous supporters. We now have over 300 children attending school every day.

The Step2 Foundation school now has: 

The Step2 Foundation school now has: 

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Internationally accredited opportunities 

We also joined forces with accredited English Schools in Siem Reap to provide:
advanced certified English learning to students aged 12 to 17 years
language proficiency tests to monitor progress and results  
opportunities to ingress tertiary education

The far-reaching benefits and impact

By improving one person’s life, we can impact on many.

We provide education
to over 300 children:

quality education in English learning, Maths and Computer skills 
knowledge they share with family and community 
skills with which to seek job opportunities
a door to tertiary studies 

Our graduate
teachers have:

secure employment  
income to save and spend in their community 
future opportunities in employment using English
a sense of pride and empowerment 

The domino effect for
the community means:

increased knowledge and income 
better facilities  
healthier living  
the ability to keep children in school
Help us give the kids a future they deserve
To build a stepping stone out of poverty for the children of Svaychey, we rely on the generous support of people like you.  
(Every dollar goes directly to the project)
student 01 story

Meet Somros Kong

         Hi, I am Somros Kong. I am 15 years old and live in Svay Chey Village, Siem Reap, in Cambodia. I really love studying English and I plan to take English literature course.

When I was studying at ACE GEP level 3, I made lots of friends. I learned how to communicate with people and study English. We also had clean water to drink which is supported by Step2 Foundation. 

It was really exciting to study with very nice teachers without having to pay. Since we are living in the countryside, we do not really have money to study English. 

We are really lucky to have Step2 Foundation. I had a lot of positive experiences and one of them was interacting with friends and native speakers in English. 

Thank you Step2 Foundation.