Building the steps from a life of poverty to a world of opportunity

When you support Step2 Foundation education and water programs, you help give disadvantaged Cambodian children the future they deserve.  


Since 2012, our focus has been on empowering impoverished children through education. We currently support 300+ students and aid over 12,000 individuals, providing educational opportunities and essential support. Our commitment to this mission drives our tireless efforts to improve lives and empower communities.


100% of every public donation pays for school infrastructure, student and local teacher expenses, clean water and healthy breakfast programs – so you know that your gift is directly helping the children enjoy the best available school and learning experience. 


For any cause to go the distance, it needs to empower the people it supports. Since inception, the Step2 Foundation policy of only employing local staff and suppliers has created a growing village ecosystem and genuine sense of project ownership in the community. 

Problems Children and Families are Facing in Cambodia

Limited Opportunities


Education is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty, yet over sixty percent of villages in rural Cambodia do not have a school.


Without access to quality education, children in Cambodia face limited opportunities for personal and professional growth.


They may be unable to develop essential skills, pursue higher education, or access better job opportunities, trapping them in a cycle of poverty and dependency.

village in Cambodia without school

Social Inequality


A lack of education and clean water perpetuates social inequality in Cambodia.


Children from disadvantaged communities are often denied access to basic education and suffer from discrimination.


This further marginalises vulnerable groups, such as girls, ethnic minorities, and children with disabilities, denying them their rights and opportunities for a better future.

Cambodian boy looking outside

Health Risks


Without access to clean water, communities are at risk of waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.


Children are especially vulnerable to these illnesses, which can lead to malnutrition, stunted growth, and even death.


Lack of education about hygiene and sanitation exacerbates these health risks, creating a cycle of illness and poverty.

How Can You Help Us?

Your donation will help our education, water and food programs within the Siem Reap region in Cambodia.

Your donation will help pave the way for a healthier, brighter future for children and communities.

(Every dollar goes directly to the projects)

Our Programs

Education Unlocks the door to Freedom and Opportunities


Since 2012, Step2 Foundation has worked with rural communities to ensure children who will gain most from quality learning and have that opportunity.   


We repaired run-down school buildings in Svaychey village and educated our first local teacher. 


Since then, we have built a flourishing school and community projects with the help of our generous supporters. We now have over 300 children attending school every day.

A teacher and a boy are participating in Step 2 Foundation's education project.

We provide education
to over 300 children:


quality education in English learning, Maths and Computer skills 


knowledge they share with family and community 


skills with which to seek job opportunities


a door to tertiary studies 

Our graduate
teachers have:


secure employment  


income to save and spend in their community 


future opportunities in employment using English


a sense of pride and empowerment 

The domino effect for
the community means:


increased knowledge and income 


better facilities  


healthier living  


the ability to keep children in school

Clean Water saves and changes lives


When we began our school building project in Svaychey village, it became clear that the desperate need to find clean water was a barrier to children going to school. 


To date, we have built and install 6 major filtration systems across 5 village communities.

A young boy participating in a water project, painting a wall with a paint roller as part of Step 2 Foundation's efforts.

These innovative, yet simple,

water tanks and systems: 


produce over 40,000 litres of fresh drinking water a day


provide drinking water to over twelve thousand people


are managed and maintained by trained experts in the villages 

Across the community,

this means: 


more healthy kids and adults  


hundreds more children now attend school  


less water-related illnesses  


increased employment and a healthier local economy    

Our Impact

Meet Our Students

Nisai Thio
Chum MingChu
Somros Kong
Phan Soumoeurng
Student supported by Step 2 Foundation - Education Project

Hi, I am Nisai Tho. I am 16 years old and live in Svay Chey Village, Cambodia. I am the youngest daughter in my family and have two older sisters.  

I am in grade GEP 3 of Ace and have been studying with Step2 Foundation program since 2012.  They taught me English and cultures. I gained a lot of positive experiences here. We also have clean water for daily use and a library.  

In the future, I want to study physics and be a teacher. I also dreamed of owning a coffee shop to support my family. More than this, I can get a good job, teach, and share my English with the next generation. I really enjoyed learning English at Svay Chey English School. 

I would like to thank you Step2 Foundation especially Mrs. Zeynep Roberts, and every teacher for sharing these to us. You have provided us with more than education. Thank you so much!

My name is Chum MingChu, I’m 17 years old, I live in Svay Chey village, Trapeang Thom commune, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap province. I’m in grade 12 of Hun Sen Prasat Bakong High School. I have been studying English with Step2 Foundation program since 2014.

When I graduated high school, I will continue to University and I think to choose to study Informatoin technology because I want to be a software engineer.

Hi, I am Somros Kong. I am 15 years old and live in Svay Chey Village, Siem Reap, in Cambodia. I really love studying English and I plan to take English literature course.  

When I was studying at ACE GEP level 3, I made lots of friends. I learned how to communicate with people and study English. We also had clean water to drink which is supported by Step2 Foundation. 

It was really exciting to study with very nice teachers without having to pay. Since we are living in the countryside, we do not really have money to study English. 

We are really lucky to have Step2 Foundation. I had a lot of positive experiences and one of them was interacting with friends and native speakers in English. 

Thank you Step2 Foundation.

My name is Phan Soumoeurng. I am one of hundreds of students in the first generation of English classes at Svaychey Primary school that sponsored by Step2 Foundation.

Started earlier in 2012 I was studying with teacher Nhung Sok and he was my first English tutors that guide me through in many difficulties circumstances of learning and understanding English Language. I was graduated grade twelve in two thousand eighteen, after graduated I was assuming my degree to Bachelor Degree because I wanted to be more and more knowledges and interaction with other people beside my high school way. I was completed my bachelor degree and only waited to receiving my certificate.

Nowadays I am a contraction tutor at one of the eight primary school in my commune and I am really excited with that because I can share as much as I can to my next generation learners. In the future the job that I want to be is becoming qualified teacher and presuming my degree to PhD degree. Last but not least I have never forgot to thank to Step2 Foundation for helping me out of language barrier and get to know more wider about this universe.