Working to Break the Poverty Cycle – 2017 Achievements

Working to break the poverty cycle
When Zeynep first visited Svaychey Village five years ago, she was dismayed at the state of their school. The poverty that comes with a lack of education was evident wherever she turned. Zeynep’s firm belief that all children deserve an education led to the founding of Step2Foundation.

With the support of a committed group of volunteers and donors like you, the poverty cycle is being broken for those that need it most.

In 2017 Step2Foundation gained registration as an Australian charity, supported four determined young women to continue their study at the Australian Centre for Education in Siem Reap, and ran a major fundraising raffle that was born at our inaugural fundraising dinner in September.

Here’s what we achieved in 2017

  • Expanded English learning program through further curriculum development using ACE (Australian Centre for Education) and volunteer Australian teachers
  • Grew the computer access and facilities within Svaychey Village English School
  • Continued to develop school infrastructure and build further resources in village communities
  • Increased Khmer/English teacher employment programs through mentoring local students and teachers linking with ACE
  • Expanded literacy program with the addition of further English Language books for the Library
  • Consolidate the Clean water project in Svaychey Village with an additional water tower
  • Continued to provide food aid and establish a volunteer teacher program to the Lolei village community in Siem Reap
  • Built a water tower for Lolei Village to secure 800L per hour of fresh water for the community
  • Continued to develop Volunteer Teacher program in collaboration with Melbourne-based organisation Volunteer Abroad

Keen to help?

If you’d like to help make a difference to the lives of students in Cambodia consider supporting the Step2Foundation by donating or volunteering.

  • Join our team! Do you have skills in teaching English, Music or Health Promotion? Contact Step2Foundation or Volunteer Abroad directly to find out more.
  • Donate to a grassroots organisation to ensure you impact those that need it most through life-changing projects.