Svaychey Village School Clean Water Project

Step2Foundation is looking for sponsorship to provide a rain water tank and system to the primary school.

Today in Cambodia, the dry seasons are getting longer and good quality fresh water is becoming scarcer across many communities, including Svaychey Village.

This system will enable the school to collect vital water supplies of up to 6000 litres in the wet season to maintain their requirements for fresh water during the dry season. Currently the old outdated well pump used in the school is inadequate, both in the quantity and quality of water it produces. This new system will ensure clean filtered water and tap facilities are easily accessible to the children.

This project has been costed at approx. US$8,000 to US$10,000. Any donations towards this project would be appreciated.

Please contact us or donate to support this very vital rain water tank.

Bringing Cambodian Art to Sydney

This is an excellent way to bring the two cultures together – a local artist from Siem Reap who is working to promote and sell their art abroad and to raise funds for our Water Project in Svaychey Village School.

By making a donation of just $5 you will receive 1 entry into our draw to win one of the artworks. For a $20 or more donation you will receive 5 entries into the draw.

The funds raised from this Fund Raising page will go directly to our Svaychey Water Tank project. Draw closes 31st November 2016.

Step2Foundation believes that the talented Cambodian artists are to be celebrated and communicated to the rest of the world and we believe there is no better way than by helping the children of Cambodia along with the artists of Siem Reap.

More artworks are planned for the New Year with an annual fund raising event. Details will be communicated to all our supporters soon.

Donate here for your chance to win.

Step2Foundation Gains Charity Status

We are proud to say that the Step2Foundation has gained Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission’s endorsement. The foundation is now registered on the Australian Charities Register and a as a result, the Australian Tax Office has granted us Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status.

From 27th January 2016 all donations to Step 2 Foundation are fully tax deductible. You should have already received your Tax Statement for 2015/2016.

Fantastic Student Results

In our recent term exams, our student achieved great results. In particular, the following top eight students across all our grades achieved a mark of between 85% and 100%. In addition to their exam mark, they also scored highly in attendance, motivation, and class participation. This is also largely due to the hard work of our dedicated teachers and volunteers. We thank you.

Each of these students received Certificates of Merit and a small gift for their hard work.
Sopheak Chhun
Sovann Lach
Nisai Tho
Sophanit Van
Samros Kong
Sopheak Khon
Reaksa Ron
Chenda Nhok

Helping the Students of Lolei Village in Siem Reap, Cambodia

This project is a newly established assistance program offering food and school supplies to the school and community of Lolei Village, a regional community with limited employment opportunities. Lolei is located in the Brasat Bakong District, 14kms east of Siem Reap. There are 39 students and a further 18 families that live in and around the school, some with and some without family support.

Many of these children have lost one or both of their parents, a large number have lost their fathers. There is a lack of general supplies within the village in particular nutritional food. Step 2 Foundation is committed to work toward closing this gap.

Step2Foundation is now working with their local NGO to run a Rice Project and distribute to families each month, along with school supplies to assist with their English School. This project fits well with Step2Foundation’s objectives and aligns directly with our philosophy to support and provide safe and healthy environments for children to learn.

We have currently committed to provide 600 kilograms of rice, some seasoning and sauces which is used with local grown vegetables as available to provide daily meals. In addition, we have committed to providing school supplies to the English School with a view to working to build better school facilities for the children of this community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carolyn and Phil Cornish for the generous donations to this project.

Student Teacher Program

We now have 4 student teachers working with our head teacher Sokly Chhay on improving their teaching skills and assisting in the classroom with English. They receive specific teacher training four hours per week and assist in the classroom teaching both Khmer and English. As their skills improve they will spend more time in the English Classes.

Our philosophy at Step2Foundation is to support local youth by giving them employment opportunities.
All of the students have completed year 12 and are anticipating a career in teaching. A BIG THANK YOU!

Two of the student teachers are now sponsored by regular donors, this has made an incredible difference to these women’s lives.

Would you like to make a difference? We are looking for two sponsors to donate $50 per month for each of the other two student teachers.