Clean water means life

Diseases related to lack of clean water and sanitation are among the leading causes of sickness and death in children. In Cambodia, over 2.4 million children do not have access to clean drinking and washing water.

Step 2 Foundation is working with communities in Cambodia to make a change. Since 2015 we have built 6 deep well filtration systems in the Siem Reap district to give clean water to over 12,000 people. With your help, we can expand this program to provide more children with life changing clean water.

Access to clean water also means more children can attend school
as their health conditions improve.

We have completed the sixth water system and now providing water to over 12 thousand people and 1,800 primary school children.

NEW WATER SYSTEM in Trapang Thom Village.

We haven’t stopped working to provide fresh drinking water to communities that desperately need it. We have just completed a new water filtration project in Trapang Thom Village – Siem Reap.

This project will provide fresh drinking water to over 1,500 people and 400 children in the village and surrounding area. Fresh drinking water is a human right and over 800,000 people around the world don’t have access to this very basic need for their survival.

We can make a change if we all work together. Let’s stay positive and help each other.