Changing Lives with the Power of Commitment

Work has started on a second water filtration tower in Svaychey Village thanks to the generosity of an individual donor. That’s three water towers in twelve months!

The difference between growing up with access to fresh water and an education is stark. We’re thrilled to see the rate of change accelerating for the children of Svaychey and their families.

We rely on donors to make these education and infrastructure projects possible. As a grassroots charity we’re proud to say that your donations go directly to the areas where they are most needed.

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Let’s take a look back over the past five years and the positive contribution your donations have made possible in Cambodia.


  • Four local students and the school’s Head Teacher commenced at ACE.
  • Project Clean Water completed two new water filtration systems in 2017 and began planning for a third.
  • The inaugural Fundraising Dinner took place on 3 November and raised $10,000.
  • A major fundraising raffle was drawn at the dinner with the winner receiving a return trip to Siem Reap with a tour of Svaychey Village School.


  • Two wonderful volunteer teachers offered their skills and expertise.
  • Project Clean Water commenced with fundraising and research into options for providing clean water for the school and community.
  • A raffle was held to fundraise for Project Clean Water.
  • Established assistance program for Lolei Village, 14km east of Siem Reap, to provide food and school supplies to the community.
  • Four local students were identified to attend further education at ACE (Australian Centre for Education, Siem Reap) as Student Teachers. They will return to teach in the Svaychey Village School.


  • March 2015, the Room to Read project commenced. In September 2015 the project was completed and included the school’s only toilet block.
  • Classrooms were fitted out with furniture, computers, software, English books, and other resources. Qualified local teachers were appointed.
  • A relationship with Volunteer Abroad was developed to facilitate a sustainable way of sourcing high-quality, volunteer teachers.
  • Four directors officially formed the Step2Foundation with one also fulfilling the role of secretary.


  • March 2014, the community approved the development of an independent English school.
  • May-July 2014 foundations were laid for three new classrooms and one was completed. Zeynep and generous friends funded these.
  • Step2Foundation was initiated in August 2014.
  • Soviet Ty, now the Local Operations Manager, instigated a partnership with Room to Read to complete the remaining two classrooms and build a library.


  • Early 2013, Zeynep helped renovate the government school using personal funds. Three classrooms were built with one set aside for English classes.

Here’s a look at what we’ve achieved in 2018.

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